How does Reminiscence Therapy work

When a person grows old, there are millions of thing going on in his/her mind due to which they are unable to live their life peacefully. Keeping this fact in mind, LifeBio came up with a concept called Reminiscence Therapy. This therapy is used in a variety of settings such as senior living, wellness centers, memory care communities, long-term care, home care, hospice & palliative care, hospitals, and cancer centers helping them to live a meaningful and positive life.

There are a lot more Benefits of Reminiscence Therapy. Reminiscing and engaging in storytelling supports quality of life and person-centered care. Pursue opportunities for all ages to come together for closeness and new friendships. It is important to engage and know unique, incredible people while we have the chance – in health care settings and with people living independently or with assistance at home. Take conversations to the next level instead of just talking about weather, health, sports or food. Instead, perhaps listen to stories about a childhood spent on a farm or dive into a conversation about a person’s engagement and wedding day. Ask about a person’s most memorable home, best friend or first job. The possibilities for new and more fascinating conversations are endless!

If you also think this therapy is a life changer (which it actually is!) then join hands with us and lead into a bigger and better life. Connect with LIFEBIO at 937-303-4576 or email at


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